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Seductive Thai ladyboy Nadear in red lingerie

Written on February 20, 2007

makes she looks so sexy and hot.

Nadear loves red. It is the colour of hot passion - the colour of of lust, desire and ladyboy sex. But as soon as she shows you the full complement of red teddy, lacy kickers, garter belt and thigh high stockings contrasting with her black stilettos she tells you that she wants to start peeling them off. She is stunning, perched on the sofa with her 'feminine' bits, her enormous breasts and that 'package' in her panties literally bursting out of their confinement.

hot shemale  top  nadear

According to Nadear she is a top which means that she gets great pleasure in giving it to you. But look at that photo of her ladyboy cunt. What a beautifully exposed tight puckered ass surrounded by a patch of dark velvet skin. Surely this is an invitation to take in a hint of her musky scent if ever there was one. Grasping Nadear's package still clad with her panties you use your tongue to rim and probe that hole, your tip pushing and massaging it open enough so that you can easily sodomise the shemale top into submission.

video still of ladyboy nadear

This image is from a video still from the LB-69 site. Nadear resplendent in only her stockings and stilettos is now transfixed on her ladyboy cock. She plays with her testicles and fingers her cunt while gripping herself tight around her shaft with her other hand she begins to pump at a furious pace. There is a nice cum shot with Nadears cum flowing down from her tip of covering her hand.

On the web there is also another great review by 'downinit' on the LB-69 video preview page. I'd love to have a beer with this guy sometime - he is such a great writer:

"Nadeer looked stunning in her red lingerie. I thought she had a very pretty face and I really loved all of her facial expressions. Her nipples looked so suckable and those beautiful breasts were a real mouthful. My favorite scene was when she exposed the head of her cock and proceeded to pull it wide open, what a nice view, right then and there I wanted her. Her cock was a really nice size and to me looked absolutely gorgeous. I honestly wish that lovely piece of meat could be my next meal. I would like to keep it in my mouth and deep throat her until I tasted Nadeers nector, and then for desert I would love for her to tea bag me with those sexy hot balls. I really do hope to see much more of dear Nadeer. What a hottie!"

Yes what a hottie indeed… I would love to have a piece of her myself…

The full photo shoot and the very erotic video can be found on one the hot premium site LB-69.

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  1. Comment by ken:

    wow is all i’ll say spoke to orchid about you i made the right choice for an escort. you so beuaitufl and sexy

    March 24, 2008 @ 4:58 pm
  2. Comment by Dehan:

    She is one the beutiful & attractive thai ladyboy in Bangkok. I me her several times and she is wonderful ladyboy.

    May 24, 2010 @ 8:16 pm
  3. Comment by Dehan:


    I am Dehan, a great Lady Boys lover and I am looking for a male partner who would join with me have great fun with my Lady boy friend Nadear, she excellent for orgy fun. Is there any visitor to Thailand ?

    March 25, 2013 @ 1:01 pm

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